Can I use SharePlay with the SHOWTIME Anytime app?

Yes! SHOWTIME Anytime can be used with SharePlay through the FaceTime app on iPhone and iPad devices (running iOS 15.1 and higher). Here are some frequently asked questions about SharePlay:


What is SharePlay?

SharePlay is a feature developed by Apple that allows users to share experiences through the FaceTime app. This means that you and your friends can now experience watching SHOWTIME programming together at the same time, through your own devices.


Does everyone need to have their own SHOWTIME subscription in order to use SharePlay?

Yes, all SharePlay viewers must have their own SHOWTIME subscriptions, and each SharePlay participant streams locally from their own device.


How do I use SharePlay?

To use SharePlay:

  1. Start a FaceTime call with a friend on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Minimize FaceTime and open the SHOWTIME Anytime app (both users must be using the SHOWTIME Anytime app, not the SHOWTIME app)
  3. Navigate through the SHOWTIME Anytime app and select a program to watch. When prompted to SharePlay SHOWTIME content, click ‘SharePlay’ (clicking ‘Start Only for Me’ will not allow other users to use SharePlay with you.)
  4. Once SharePlay is initiated within FaceTime, the other participant will be prompted to join SharePlay. Once prompted, they will click ‘Open’ and then click ‘Join SharePlay’ to start the synced viewing experience.


To end SharePlay during your active FaceTime call, simply close the player using the back arrow in the upper-left hand side of your screen. Then click ‘End for Everyone’ to end SharePlay for all or ‘End Only for Me’ to allow the synced SharePlay to continue for the other participants.


Can I use SharePlay to watch Live TV?

No. At this time, SharePlay can only be used to stream on demand titles.


If you are not seeing all of the SharePlay prompts to start or join a session, please check your device settings by going to Settings > FaceTime > SharePlay, to make sure you have SharePlay enabled. If you’re experiencing any issues when trying to use SharePlay, please contact SHOWTIME customer service by clicking on the “Need Help” button below.